– about Jacknskye


jacknskye is a boutique feng shui service…we shift the energy in your home and life, by applying the ancient principles and philosophies of feng shui, lightening and enlightening you along the way.

We work with the chi (electromagnetic energy) in your home…bringing harmony and flow, rhythm and balance back into your environment…so you can focus on you and what gives you a fulfilling and happy life.

Feng Shui means “wind and water”. It is a Chinese philosophy that has been successfully used for centuries, to positively move chi in and around you… jacknskye use Black Hat (BTB) which is a western, modern version of feng shui, where no compass is used. Instead a bagua map is applied to your home as a whole and to each room separately.

Feng Shui remedies and cures are then given – declutter, move furniture around, add/remove color and brightness, lighting, crystals, water fountains, mirrors, plants – to shift the energy in your home and life:

  • feel present and positive
  • enhance career opportunities
  • attract more meaningful relationships
  • be productive
  • have more rhythm and balance
  • achieve goals
  • have harmony and flow
  • feel enlightened and confident
  • rekindle that part of you that has aspirations, hopes, ideas, goals…and bring them into your reality

after a jacknskye session, I feel lighter and brighter. I’ve decluttered my home and already feel like life is flowing better. Thank you, jacknskye” LL


 “After several unsuccessful job interviews, a jacknskye session gave me clarity and soon after I got my life onto the path I wanted” Tania


“jacknskye helped me to refocus my energy and resulted in removing blocks, finally seeing things progress in my work and personal life” Chris


Choose session that suits you:

jnsINTROre-energise:  a quick overview of your environment/home right now…you will be given feng shui tips that you can apply instantly to uplift and empower you and your home.

jnsNOW – re-focus:  an in-depth session, looking at your home/life right now…whats needed to activate and strengthen each area of your life

note: in either/or consult, you will feel the energy shift as soon as you implement the feng shui cures and remedies.

Consults are via FaceTime, phone, in-person or at your home…nationally and internationally.

jacknskye believe life is a journey…to explore, to love, to prosper, to achieve, to shine bright, to play, to just be…creating a life of fulfillment

jacknskye…design your life with feng shui


(please note: jacknskye’s services are not offered in substitute for coaching,  counselling, psychotherapy and/or mental health care).

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