about jacknskye

now is the moment….expand your thinking…follow your passions…


jacknskye is a boutique “positive energy shifting” service ✨✨

working with your home and lifestyle right now, jacknskye draws upon eastern n western philosophies – intuitive feng shui, huna, business principles – to give you practical and spiritual tools to guide and lighten you ☀️make your home work better and make for a happier environment.

in your re-connects the realist and dreamer in you…

  • feel more calm and present in the now
  • attract more meaningful, connected, and loving relationships
  • be productive and achieve goals

  • live a fulfilling life, with harmony and flow.

readings are available by phone, FaceTime or Skype.

short readings up to 20 mins $40

detailed readings up to 30 mins $60

multiple question readings 45mins-1hr $80

credit card payments available.

(note: jacknskye is an intuitive spiritual guide service…not coaching, counselling, psychotherapy or any other mental health care)

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shine…play…love… prosper…

jacknskye it…dream it..live itServices – Choose from:

jnsINTRO – re-energises you – 30min quick look at your life right now

jnsNOW – re-focuses you – 60min feeling stuck in a rut or need for change

jnsLIMITLESS – re-boosts you – 90min 4step process, looking at all areas of lifeexplore…  achieve… learn… enjoy…

Now is the moment to shine bright…to follow your passions…expand your thinking…to reconnect your dreams with reality..


by applying a practical n spiritual approach to all areas of your life – health, family, relationships, prosperity, wealth, career, travel, community, self-time – a jacknskye reading gives you that boost to live your life…in balance and harmony


“jacknskye helped me work through what I had been doing in my life and what outcome I was hoping for…helped me get out of my rut.” Lee

 “After several unsuccessful job interviews, a jacknskye reading helped me get my life onto the path I want.” Tania

a jacknskye reading gives you the practical n spiritual tools to bring more positivity and “light” into your life…balance n harmony – health, relationships, wealth, travel, career, family – reconnect dreams w reality

intuitive feng shui, whagua,

polynesian philosophy

business principles- goal setting


*brings balance and harmony into your life…all about energy flows

*boosts positive vibrations

*provides us with unlimited possibilities

*more than re-arranging furniture

tells u how to change your life

*gives u new way of seeing life

*valuable resource of wisdom/inspiration

*remarkable system for self-development

*practical tool for improving rships/bus

*relate inner world/dreams w outer world

If you keep doing what you have always done have in the past, you will keep getting what u have always gotten in the future – CHANGE…TRANSFORM

“jacknskye helped me to refocus my energy and resulted in removing blocks, finally seeing things progress in my work and personal life” James

jacknskye….dream it 💙…live it 💚

jacknskye you to realign your Life n Soul…

intuitive feng shui integrates the practical and the seen with the unseen and natural energies in and around us…the tangible with the intangible.

feng shui means water n wind…water is seen; wind is unseen. it is a Chinese philosophy that has been successfully used for centuries.

jacknskye works with BTB feng shui which is a western, modern version, where a Bagua map used.

now is the moment to realign your Life n Soul…and live a fulfilling life:

  • to have good health
  • loving relationships
  • fun times with friends
  • rewarding career
  • time-out to just relax
  • to be part of a community
  • be achieving goals
  • be centred n less stres

after a jacknskye consult, I feel lighter and brighter. I’ve decluttered my home and already feel like life is flowing better. Thank you, jacknskye” LL


 “After several unsuccessful job interviews, a jacknskye consult gave me clarity and soon after I got my life onto the path I wanted” Tania


“jacknskye helped me to refocus my energy and resulted in removing blocks, finally seeing things progress in my work and personal life” Chris