– about JnS

do you feel stuck in a rut…mind feel cluttered…or just need a boost?


by applying  design and feng shui to your home and life, a JnS consult will bring harmony and flow, rhythm and balance back into your life…so you can focus on what it is you want to achieve to have a fulfilling and happy life


feng shui means “wind and water”.  it is a Chinese philosophy that has been successfully used for centuries to positively move chi (electromagnetic energy) in and around you…so as you can attract positivity into your home and life


each JnS consult is tailored and personalised to your needs…

a perfect way to begin this journey is to book in for an ‘introduction consult

Hi, for the last ten years, we have been  ‘Feng Shuing’ many people’s homes and lives with great results…I look forward to meeting you and your home, so we can ‘JnSit’ together…

Jack n Skye Clark…the sky’s the limit!


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